AK Interactive Real Colors

Even before Model Master died, which was my go to paint for as long as I can remember, I started switching over to the AK Interactive Real Colors line (link). I happened to see them one day at Hub Hobby, and decided I’d try a few as they looked interesting. I love these things. They airbrush extremely well out of all 3 of my airbrushes, and brush paint well too. They have a great color selection (except no RLM 23 Rot!) and in my experience have been very durable and resistant to rubbing/peeling/flaking. They also dry quickly.

I have used since the beginning their “high compatibility” thinner with their paints. Things I’ve read online say it can be thinned with other thinners as well, but I’ve just always used their brand. Just for full disclosure.

If you are looking for a new paint line, I’d highly recommend you give them a try.

Doug W.