AK Interactive Xtreme Metal

In another review here I’ve given you my thoughts on AK Interactive’s Real Colors paint line. Here I’d like to tell you about another of their products I discovered, their Xtreme Metal line of paints (link).

I’ve found this line to perform extremely well. I’ve used Alclad’s in the past, not not frequently as I found them hard to work with, and masking was very tricky with them. So while they looked great, they were, at least to me, a pain to work with.

The Xtreme Metal line looks just as good in my opinion, but they are much easier to work with. I’ve had instances where I flooded a panel with too much paint, but if I just let it sit and dry naturally, it looked fine. I’ve masked them multiple times with full strength (no de-tacking) Tamiya tape and they stand up to it just fine. They seem to be resistant to normal handling and wear as well. They airbrush just great right out of the bottle, no thinning required.

In short they are much easier to work with, and look great. I highly recommend them for your future natural metal finishes.

Doug W.